He said he’ll never keep diaries 2 learn from his mistakes
Instead he’ll just repeat all the good things that he’s done



Don’t know how to feel about this song. ABC had a listening party for Prince fans and…

While part of me is thinking “YES! New Prince MUSIC!!”, there is another part of me that feels like he wouldn’t want this. One of the reasons I’m such a huge fan of Prince is that he is (sigh…was) such a perfectionist. This is a man who trashed an entire album because he felt that his spirit wasn’t right when he recorded it.

One superfan even said, “this sounds like a bootleg…it sounds like a demo…it sounds like a Revolution track”

For me, I hear pieces of The Beautiful Ones in here…which makes sense since this track was reportedly recorded in 1982, and The Beautiful Ones in 1983. I can imagine how Prince might’ve taken elements of the musical arrangement and then used them for the song he considered to be the better version.

Ultimately, I’ll be selfish and listen/buy Moonbeam Levels. Or, I’ll put The Beautiful Ones on repeat.


May U Live 2 See The Dawn




Really? Is This a “Collaboration?”

My boy sends out this email…

In case you missed it, I just heard it..Drake and Bey dropped a new track..well kinda. he played the finished track.

My reaction:

I untangled my earbuds for this?

Beyonce says three words that any English speaking woman in the world could’ve said.

Not even a singer. Just a woman who speaks English.
(if you don’t hear from me again, the Beyhive got me…or one of these new Drake stans who are suddenly in love with Aubrey’s beard)