Welcome to Wonderland

Hi. It’s me…

What can I tell you? The title kind of sums it up.

I’m a late 30-something woman living in Toronto. By day I do a job – not very exciting…it’s not supposed to be – by day/night/weekends, I fall down the rabbit hole that is my life.

The Queen of Hearts?

My mother. A 70-something West Indian woman who, now that she is retired, tries to drive me to drink. She succeeds.  Actually, she did this well before retiring. I am her only child now (having lost my older sister years ago), which means I bear the brunt of her attention, criticism, observations, criticism, hearing about her new discoveries, her criticisms…

What started out as my own personal hashtag is now this blog. I could chronicle every criticism – ahem OBSERVATION – my mother makes…but that would only drive you to drink.

In my personal Wonderland, there are these odd events that happen and usually the story starts with “so what had happened was…” Those are days when my truth is stranger than your fiction.

Welcome to my Wonderland.