The Comfort of Teddy Bears

There’s this dude I’ve been seeing on my new route to work each morning. Every day, he walks along Adelaide with a different teddy bear and he looks so damn content.

I’m kind of jealous.

For those who don’t live in my city, Adelaide is a  busy one-way street running through the core of the Fashion, Entertainment, and Financial Districts. At night, the restaurants stay open and the nightclubs (what cheesy few are left) welcome patrons to the party.

Each weekday, Adelaide is filled with people dashing about, faces buried in their phones, getting to where they need to be.

Then there’s the guy with the teddy bears…just strolling.

One day, he had two large bears in a child’s wheelbarrow. Another day, it was a fuzzy brown bear that he had balanced on his hip. Today, it was the snowman from Frozen.

He’s over six feet tall and I assume he does some sort of maintenance work, because he also walks with a large push broom. Broom in one hand, stuffed friend in the other. I assume he brings his stuffed friends with him for the same reason anyone else has ever done it: to provide comfort.

Like I said, he looks content.

It’s working.

I may have to pull my teddy out of storage…


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