#mymothermademedrink – April 30, 2016


*dog barks*


My mother called to give me an update on her boobs. She’s a two-time breast cancer survivor (#fuckcancer)…and she’s annoyed by the scar.

“It’s just a little scar”

“That’s true. Okay. Be careful! Bye!”

“Wait. What do I need to be careful of?”

“Oh. I was watching the news. Body parts being found. Shootings in Scarborough…shootings in Etobicoke…”

“Well. I never go to Scarborough or Etobicoke”

“Neither do I thank god. Because I don’t know what the fuck is going on in this world…”

I’m just as shocked as you. (p.s. G’head Fran…another survivor)

My mother RARELY swears and if she chooses to use the word “fuck”, she normally muffles it. Yes. She censors herself.

This time she didn’t.

I’m clutching my pearls.


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