#mymothermademedrink – April 18, 2016

Enjoying some peace and quiet in the shower and letting the deep conditioner do its thing while I shave my legs.

*phone rings*


Meh. It’s probably my girl confirming out meeting time of 2pm…

*phone stops. rings again*


I now run out of the shower, because if you call me back to back…it’s an emergency.


Towel halfway wrapped around me, I run to retrieve the phone in the living room. Pick up and drop phone with soapy wet fingers. Pick up phone again and get a mild shock because I’M SOAKING WET AND THE PHONE IS CHARGING.

“Hi! Hang on (drop phone activate speaker). What’s wrong!?

“You’re not superstitious right?”

“I was in the shower! Two calls in a row is an emergency!”

“Well. I didn’t KNOW you were in the shower…So. As I was saying…”



If I have to run out of a shower sopping wet, there better be a Ryan Reynolds to trip over and not just a Yorkie Doodle!



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