#mymothermademedrink – Dog Towels and Neglect

(Phone rings. Contemplates setting a specific ringtone for my mother. Nope. She doesn’t have one. Now taking suggestions…)

(sigh) Hellooooooo.

Hi! Does your dog have a dog towel?

He has A towel. He’s a dog. Does that count?

I saw this towel on TV that has pockets. You put your hands in the pockets to pick him up out of the tub and then dry him off.

He air dries. He rolls around on the towel and dries himself off.

You’re not very attentive. Would you do that with a baby?

Mother. There is a reason I have a dog and not a baby.

Because of a towel? I think there are reasons other than a towel…

Okay mom. Gotta go.

Bye Cairo!

(That’s my dog)



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