#MyMotherMadeMeDrink – The Vietnamese Godmother Edition…

My best sisterfriends from childhood are a Vietnamese. Basically, we grew up in each other’s households and did the trendy cultural exchange thing long before hipsters went on soul searching trips to Asia.

Our mothers think of us as “extra daughters” and treat us as such. The upside? Amazing home cooked meals (they get baked ham at Christmas…I get the best spring rolls in the city). The downside?

I have two mothers who can make me drink.

We just entered a new year in the Lunar calendar (happy new year!) and with the new year one prepares the house, honours the ancestors and gathers together as a family. I missed the family gathering, but my Vietnamese “mummy” made sure to ask for me.

(To my little sister): How is xo/rr? Is she still single*?


Here. Give her this when you see her.

My little sister came to hang out with me and see Deadpool** and as a greeting said,“Mummy says hi and to give you this.”



My reactions were kinda like this:




The last time I received a little red envelope was about 20 years ago. Why? Well…typically envelopes are given out to family members of all ages but most of the time, parents or other adults give them to kids.

Single. Unmarried. Kids.

You get a job? You get a little less than in your envelope.

You get married? You stop getting envelopes.

You have kids? You start GIVING envelopes.

My godmother gave me an envelope.


The shade of it all…

(I used the money to buy wine)


*to my godmother, “single” means I’m not married or even living with someone
**go see Deadpool. Just go see it.


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