Hearing a lot of stories about how parents who don’t do shit for their kids.

Despite the crazy…my mother has done a lot for me.

*picks up phone*


“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Just calling you randomly to tell you you’re an alight mom. A good one sometimes…”

“What happened?”

“Nothing. It is a random call…that’s what random means.”


“Oh! Thank you! Tell the dog that I need to buy him some new toys. Because I know you haven’t. That poor thing.”


By the way…I went to fix her computer last weekend. Noticed that in her email she has a folder specifically for my dog. It’s where she sends the photos I send her.

I’m a sub-folder to my dog.



My Mother’s New Year Resolution…

When it comes to me and relationships, my mother tends to look for the punchline.

But this year? Mom’s gotten serious on me.

“My New Year’s wish for you is that you’ll find someone this year. Someone who will make you laugh. Who’s good to you. Someone who’s nice…”

For her to say this…? Well, it means that she’s now made it a goal to see it happen.



Here’s the thinnnnnnng. I TRIED dating last year. Gave it more effort than I had in years. I thought I was ready. But I kept making choices that ultimately proved to me that I was NOT ready.

Me throughout 2015:


Also…Mom and I don’t have that mother/daughter bond that includes gossip about my love life (or lack thereof). I only introduce the dude when I KNOW it’s serious. Like six months…eight months in…

(there was one exception…but he kind of just showed up on my doorstep and I had no choice)

Because she doesn’t know about the ups and downs…as far as she’s concerned, I’m at serious risk of becoming a crazy dog lady.

BUT, because of my choices, I thought, “y’know…maybe I need a break…get some clarity”.

So I’m on a break…

Just when my mom decides that THIS is the year. My mother has put her mind to something…


How do I handle this? Seriously…I’m asking.

(in the meantime)

*pours out a shot a Jameson*