Today’s Dating Lesson…

Today’s lesson:

Don’t cancel a date with me two hours beforehand, make plans for a new day, and then disappear for four days (without even a text or something to say “we still on”?).

If you do decide to disappear, fine. But don’t then message me the day of…out of the blue and ask me out for a date.

Also. When you do go dark for four solid days and message me out of the blue to ask me out on a date, how about you reference that TODAY is the day I told you I’d be available and acknowledge that?

Another good idea? Don’t message me after four days of silence to ask me out like it’s a brand new thought, and invite me for the SAME DATE YOU DID FOUR DAYS AGO AND THEN FORGOT ABOUT.

I’ve told you once – and I’m not telling you again – I’m a busy person. So guess what?

I’m busy.

Stop messaging me “good morning texts” (GAWD I HATE THOSE).

Don’t message me in the middle of meetings.

Don’t ask me how my day is going. Because I’ve already told you I’m having a busy day. I’m not here for your small talk.

Go play Adele on repeat.

*I’m not even trying to be passive aggressive. I made a space for you in my hectic schedule and told you that from jump. YOU MISSED IT. 

Looking at my phone and all these messages and I think “dang, I miss flip phones now”


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