#MyMotherMadeMeDrink – October 20, 2015

*looks at call display and contemplates letting it go to voicemail*

Hello mother…

“Hi! I was just reading the Nation online…they were listing all the young people called to bar this year”


“So young! And quite a few women. You know, I always thought you’d go that route. But I guess…it’s too late. But you chose your path…I suppose.”

This is my mother’s twice-yearly reminder that I had planned on being a lawyer for a major chunk of my youth. I studied Latin in preparation. Joined debate teams. Tried to get an internship at the Law Society of Upper Canada when I was 15. Followed major trials in the news. I had figured out my education/professional plan by the time I was 10 (York University, Osgoode, NYU…then become a corporate lawyer specializing in mergers and acquisitions).

A reminder that my life could’ve been different if I had stayed on that path. But I decided not to become a lawyer…and chose a creative field.

(different choice, but you get my drift)


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