My Dog Makes Me Drink…

My dog is half Yorkie, half Poodle.  No…I don’t call him a Yorkie-Poo. I despise that phrase.  I’d rather call him a Yoodle or something that doesn’t end in “poo”.

Anyway… I adore him. Today, someone I’ve been working with found out that I have a dog, and then asked me if he howled.

After four years years of having a dog, I actually had to google “do  Yorkies howl?” (I chose Yorkie over Poodle because he’s more like a Yorkie – i.e. LOUD and YAPPY.

I found this video and promptly lost my shit laughing. Only press play if you can handle what basically sounds like a bunch of squeaky toys going off at once.


Happy Friday y’all


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