File Under Fuckboy

File under “Fucking Halfwit Fuckboy”

Walking along Richmond, I decide to stop at a side street to catch my breath, take a sip of my drink, and look at my phone. This way, the driver going north has the right of way and can merge into traffic…


“you know you AIN’T WHITE!”

Look up
“Excuse ME?!?”

“You KNOW you AIN’T WHITE just because you don’t answer me…and you AIN’T BLACK EITHER!”

“Oh. I KNOW I’m Black. I also know I’m not a fucking cat, so I don’t answer to ‘psssst'”

“You’re not Black. You think you’re White because you don’t answer…”

“Fuck off”


(cars are now behind this guy…the driver behind him has his windows open and can hear the exchange)

“Keep it moving guy…you’re holding up traffic. I’m not a fucking cat so I don’t HAVE to answer you…”

“Go have some Albino babies you stuck up WHITE BITCH”

(guy blares horn…he’s now annoyed)


(guy blares horn and yells “c’mon!!”)

Guy drives off.

So. Moral of the story is, if there are men out there who think that it’s “White” to ignore a pitiful catcall…lemme pull a reverse Dolezal right now.



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