The Vagina Dialogues…

So. Yesterday I’m walking home from the new gig and feeling groovy.

I decide, after a week of eating healthy to have some chicken wings from Popeye’s because…yes.

I spot a fine looking brotha and realize… I KNOW HIM.

Picture it. Toronto. 4 years ago…

We know each other through people in the city. Bump into each other at things like Manifesto and rooftop parties. We’d kind of flirt. We had each other’s numbers. One day he randomly texts me and we text chat the whole day. I have plans with a girlfriend that night.

2 am. My girl is wasted. She’s lost her phone (possibly at McD’s), and needs to sleep on my couch. It’s when she’s getting ready to sleep that she realizes she doesn’t have her phone. I now head back out to McD’s to retrace her steps. Dude calls…CALLS…invites me to an after hours and I had to curve him…

The texts trickle off after that… we lose touch.

Le sigh…

Yesterday, I find out he’s opened his own business…. In his own space downtown. He says twice in our curb side convo “you look good”… I tell him I’m going to be in the area of his new establishment tomorrow (true, I was having brunch 5 mins away). He won’t be there though. He says “take my number…” I do. I give him mine. I tell him that I’ll check out the spot post brunch and follow up. He points out that the prices listed won’t be the price I’ll pay.

Oh. I get a discount?

Yeah (smiles)

Oh. That. Smile.

What’s the catch…?


Those are our parting words.

I’m pleased. Then…I remember.

He used to work with Le same company/division as Le Ex. The circle of people I know him from … all people who are friends with Le Ex.

I’m going to see HOW close they were. Because.

I know it’s not logical or fair to hold myself in Judgement since a) I didn’t know Le Ex back then and b) I haven’t been in touch with this guy in over 4 years (like – not even FB friends…I even thought he had moved), so it’s not like he would’ve even come up in conversation with Le Ex, because this dude left that company years ago.

But I would know. And that would bother me. Like I’m violating the code.

As I said to T last night…if I find out that I wasted a coochie credit on Le Ex…

Am I being too hard on myself?
My vagina is threatening to leave me. 

She can’t take this neglect anymore.


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